Product List
           Here are a number of products we sell. If there is anything you do not see but are interested in, please call or email us. Also, we can give quotes on full turn-key barn packages.

Feeders & Waterers

– FIRE Performance Testing
– Auto-sorting with the Weight Watcher System
– Big Wheel Nursery Feeders
– Big Wheel Finisher Feeders
– Crystal Springs Feeders
– Easy Float
– Egeberg Tubeomat Feeders
– Egeberg Drik-o-mat Water Bowls
– TEAM Loose Housing/Electronic Sow Feeding

 Tanks & Feed Delivery

– AP Feed Tanks
– AP Flex-Flo Feed Systems
– AP Chain Disk Feed Systems


– AP Plastic Penning
– Boslock Plastic Flooring
– Norlock PVC Planking


– Corn Boilers and Furnaces
– Del-Air Ventilation Products
– Norsol Control Systems
– Reverberay Tube Heaters
– Stanfield Heat Pads


– TASCO Dome