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About Our Company
What Makes Us Different
       We ensure that all the products we carry meet our high expectations for quality; and that we provide the best pricing and consistent on-time delivery so that you can concentrate on meeting and increasing your bottom line.
Senior Management
Joel Koops
Joel is the president of Bosman Agri. Aside from all of the presidential duties of maintaining a well-rounded business, Joel spends considerable amount of time marketing and researching existing and new products. He takes time training the farmer on the use of products and ensures that quality installations are taking place. With the agricultural industry becoming so automated, Joel is committed to providing consumers with quality products to help make farming less stressful.
Vice President:
Steve Bosman
Steve is the vice president of Bosman Agri. Steve oversees all installations of our products to ensure that everything is installed correctly and the end user is satisfied. Steve has acquired a wide range of experience serving clients in the hog industry as he has worked with all of our product lines for many years. Steve spends a large amount of time travelling overseas to ensure product quality, and up to date material.
Sales Installation and customer service
Mark Stam
Mark is our newest salesman. With an agricultural back ground; Mark brings an educated enthusiasm to our team. Specializing in the pork industry, Mark continues to invest his time learning more about the swine industry and the upgrades that are available. With the increased demand of competition in an already price sensitive industry, our team approach will give Bosman Agri, the boost needed to take that next step.
Glen Sikma
Glen deals solely with our corn burning furnaces, and has a wide range of knowledge on green house heating. Glen currently owns a green house and is heating it with the 500-forced air corn-burning furnace. Glen ensures proper instillation, training and cleaning methods of all units sold
Frank Oude Voshaar
Frank is the site supervisor for Bosman Agri�s installation team. Franks has a wide span of knowledge in construction. Through his work ethic and morals Frank has proven to be an outstanding worker in all situations he has encountered. In addition to the installation of our products Frank believes that a major role in his position is to establish and maintain working relationships with all of our customers.
Alyssa Bosman
Alyssa is the office secretary. Alyssa main role is to ensure all questions, concerns or inquires that our customers may have are answered quickly and promptly.